Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling, by and large, is one of the most effective pursuits for local homeowners who who are seeking to either revamp their home's appeal & amenities or increase its (re)sale value due to modernized accommodations. As such, our company, JP Works, boasts literal decades of construction experience in a wealth of remodeling that we apply very liberally to each kitchen remodeling/renovation project we are enlisted to oversee. We offer remodeling & renovation coverage from literally the ground on up! Flooring, cabinetry, countertops, islands, lighting, ventilation, painters, appliances, and recessed shelving to name but a few of our areas of kitchen remodeling coverage.

Bathroom Remodeling

Considering most households that feature at least three occupants spend a combined 4-5 hours on average in their bathroom per week, it makes sense to ensure the comfort and amenities available in said bathrooms are ample and accommodating. Whether it’s through updating the hardware, fixtures, and elements or if it’s preferred to completely overhaul its entire layout, you can take solace in the professionalism and expertise that our company “brings to the table” each & every time we are responsible for remodeling or renovating. If you are interested in learning more about our customized bathroom remodels/renovations, be sure to reach out to one of our in-house bathroom remodeling specialists at your earliest convenience.

Basement Remodeling

As many local homeowners can & will attest to, a home’s basement, when properly renovated/remodeled, can add so much to a home’s appeal, amenities, and accommodations. Deciding to utilize the allotted space for something other than stashing Christmas presents or storing a few odds & ends by remodeling the basement into living quarters or a home office is an undeniably proven method to boost the appeal and add value to your home simultaneously To that effect, we invite you to explore the many basement remodeling & renovations capacities that we are often tasked with fulfilling. Our experienced teams offer basement conversions, remodeling services, and specialty renovations on behalf of our local clientele.

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